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11:11 Holistic Zone one of Miami’s premier boutique style massage spa is centrally located in the Village of El Portal just South of Miami Shores: (8650 Biscayne Boulevard, Suite 32 Miami, FL 33138).

We offer a unique Zen sacred space enhanced with organic elements. Our cabins are surrounded by privacy drapes, providing a serene and intimate atmosphere. Choose from a vary of treatments, including Deep Tissue Massage and Thai Stretch Massage. Pamper yourself with our Signature Massage, “All About You”; or experience our newest addition “The red-light therapy” for a wonderfully relaxing and therapeutic session, expertly delivered by Matilde Hoffman.

At 11:11 Holistic Zone, you receive an integrated full-body therapeutic massage experience designed to balance and tone your body at all levels. Choose from our seventy (70), ninety (90), or one hundred twenty (120) minute treatments. Additionally, we offer a dedicated space at the rear for rejuvenating facial treatments that promise to leave you feeling truly refreshed.

Meet Matilde Hoffman

Meet Matilde Hoffman, a licensed medical massage therapist and the proud owner of 11:11 Holistic Zone. Matilde enhanced her skills and extensive experience through years of study, traveling from Thailand to Central and South America, and working at 5- star hotel spas in Miami and surrounding areas.

In 2019, she established this sanctuary for the body and soul in the Village of El Portal, just south of Miami Shores, offering locals a unique and personalized blend of techniques tailored to their individual needs. Recognizing the importance of education, Matilde has become a nationally approved provider of continuing education for massage therapists, enabling them to acquire new knowledge and skills to deliver the most relaxing and therapeutic experiences.

And now, with her new line of muscle recovery products, 11:11 Holistic Zone stands as one of Miami's best-kept secrets—a place to relax, renew, and experience a truly transformative journey.


Discover the ultimate therapeutic massage center in Miami for your “me” time.

We´re conveniently located near you, open from 9 AM to 9 PM Monday through Saturday. Early appointments are available upon request. Please note that we do not accept walk-in customers. Secure your spot by booking your appointment through our booking page.

For your safety and comfort, please be advised that only one person at a time can be in the spa, unless it´s a couple´s massage. We have implemented strict measures to adapt our operational procedures to the challenges presented by COVID-19, aligning with local government requirements. These measures are in place to ensure the safety of our dedicated team and valued customers.


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